Top 5 Tips for a Healthy Relationship in Nigeria

Hi, Nigerians Do You want to go into a relationship and you don’t want it to end up like your previous relationship? Then, you need to read this article to avoid making the same mistake twice. Here are the 5 Tips for a Healthy Relationship in Nigeria. Do not go into a relationship because you […]

Does anyone still believe that the way to a man’s heart is his stomach?

Does anyone still believe that the way to a man’s heart is his stomach? If you still believe this commenting reason why you believe the statement in the commenting section. You can get into a man’s heart by making him good meals. I really don’t want to believe that anyone still thinks this way. The […]

‘All Men Cheat’, ‘All Women Like Money’ and other generalisations you don’t need while dating

Relationship nowadays encounters many difficulties due to one issue or more. but let take look at the most issues that kill dating fast. You can actually do better than these delimiting generalisations. Things like “all men cheat,” and “women only want money” are well-known mantras; generalisations that the average Nigerian has heard over and over […]

7 Common Mistakes Newly Married Couples Should Avoid

Are you just Wed, This Article is for you, The day you get married is the happiest day of your life. It’s the day you have spent the last few years dreaming about, and everything must go smoothly and perfectly just like you have dreamed it would. It is the day you will be gazing […]

Scientists Are Developing A Self-Lubricating Latex To Boost Condom Use

A perpetually unctuous, self-lubricating latex developed by a team of scientists in Boston could boost the use of condoms, they reported Wednesday in the journal Royal Society Open Science. Protective sheaths made with the specially treated membrane take on a slick and slippery quality in the presence of natural bodily fluids, lab experiments showed. And […]

How Build A Relationship With Yourself

Glance into yourself and ask if you have a relationship with yourself. Whatever the answer might be, a good way to know is through the time you spend with and by yourself. Like everything else, balance is core and me -time gives you that. The lack of excess time in your everyday activities, should not […]

Five Social Media Mistakes That Capable Of Damaging Your Relationships

Social media like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat are good social media platforms for you to connect with friends and colleagues but there is a need for you to not allow your online life negatively impact your real life. Certain mistakes on social media are capable of damaging your relationships. Identifying and avoiding those mistakes […]