“Depression Is Real” by SULYMAN OYINDAMOLA

Depression is real!!!! So many times I feel sad,because not everyone who smiles is happy for real. People are going through a lot but they can’t express themselves, maybe because people around them don’t care, or maybe they don’t know what their feedbacks will be . Depression kills because it can also lead to brain […]

5 Alternatives Ways You Should Be Cleaning Your Ears Instead of Using Cotton Buds

There is an old but popular saying that goes, “You shouldn’t put anything in your ears smaller than your elbow.” This should also include cotton buds because the cotton buds that most of us use to clean the wax out of our ears are a lot more harmful than helpful. When you use cotton buds […]

See Five Ways You’ve Been Brushing Your Teeth Wrong

Some People always think of all the difficult tasks you can engage in during your daily routine, brushing your teeth probably never comes up. After all, you’ve been doing it since you were little. However, it’s easier than you think to make tooth brushing mistakes, putting your oral hygiene at risk. Your Bristles Are Too […]