DOWNLOAD SINMO APP: New App Allows One to Pay for their Sins With Cash

Get Sinmo App: Technology is advancing day by day with new inventions being made each and every day. The question is who knew it would once get us to the point where the wages for sin are no longer death but can rather be paid for in cash?

The latest invention that’s currently trending is the Sinmo app that will now allow sinners pay for whatever sins they are contemplating on doing upfront. Even better is the fact that should you find yourself having committed the sin already without paying prior, the app will still allow you to do so later.

What if there was an app that lets you pay the wages of sin in cash? You know, one that works similar to how the old Roman Catholic system of “indulgences” worked? Think Sinmo app.

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It is an app that lets you pick what sins you want to partake in upfront so you can settle the bill before the fact. And should you slip and fall into sin on the spur of the moment, the app lets you still settle the wages after the fact.


Here’s a quick introductory video to this revolutionary app.

With Sinmo app, the wages of sin is no longer death. Just pay cash. The app even has surge pricing – for Friday nights, I imagine!

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How to get Sinmo app

According to the video, God has to artificially inseminate your phone with this revolutionary app. Good luck with that.

Sinmo would be perfect if things work that way. I mean, who wouldn’t love for redemption to be available for cash? We’d all just pay the wages of sin on a pay-as-you-go basis and everything would be alright.

Thankfully, the Sinmo app is no more than a work of comedy. The app does not exist. At least, I wasn’t able to find it. I checked Play Store and I ran web searches. Zilch. Nada.

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Perhaps it exists for iOS users? You iPhone owners in the house need to check and let us know. Of course, we always suspected that you lot sin more than the rest of us, so it wouldn’t be a shock to find that the app is an iOS exclusive.

*dodges tomotoes and shoes and all sorts of flying objects*

Want to pay cash to sin? Wait on the Lord; for at the right time, He shall inseminate your phone with the Sinmo app.



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